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Residential – Central Vacuum

Highest quality central vacuum cleaning

  • Greater cleaning power than portable vacuum
  • Cleaner home and cleaner air
  • No need to carry a heavy vacuum around

Apollo Security Group offers the best in class home cleaning solution with VACUFLO® central vacuum systems. VACUFLO central vacuums rated up to 5 times more powerful than the everyday portable vacuum.

Greater Cleaning Power

The more powerful motor of a central vacuum system creates a larger air flow. This power provides better ability to pick up even small microscopic particles like dust mites, allergens, and mold spores. With a central vacuum you can finally remove 100% of all these dust particles from the home. The result is better indoor air quality.

Easier Cleaning and Convenience

There are no cords or heavy equipment to carry as you move from room to room. The hoses and attachments for the central vacuum system are lightweight. The central vacuum system is designed to have convenient outlets which are located in areas that are specific to your needs for efficient cleaning.

Easy Installation

New homes and existing homes can be easily outfitted with a new central vacuum system. ASG installers can install a complete system in most homes within the same day.


The cost for a central vacuum system is very reasonable when compared to the cost of a quality portable home vacuum cleaner.

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