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Residential – Video Observation


Optimal residential video system choices for flexibility

  • Best quality residential video options
  • Wired and wireless IP cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Integrated with the burglar alarm or stand alone
  • Remote viewing capability

Apollo Security Group offers the optimal home video surveillance systems. Newly introduced residential video solutions are designed to be multi-purpose. These video systems are connected to the home Internet service. The single video camera or video system can be integrated as part of the overall security alarm system or used as stand-alone system.

Some of the many uses for video observation systems include:

  • Keeping a video record to track who is visiting outside your home
  • Outside monitoring of selected area that will trigger an alert if a specific parameter is crossed
  • Being able to observe who is at the front door, while being undetected
  • Remote video monitoring to check on family and servants in the home while away
  • View the baby room or the kid’s playroom from the home office or any room in the house

View up to six cameras live on your smart phone

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