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Residential – GPS Tracking

GPS tracking solutions keep you connected with loved ones

  • Better control for your family
  • Check on kids with after-school activities
  • More tools to keep loved ones safe

The Apollo Security Group GPS trackers for families give you the ability to have better control of what is going on with your family all day long. Be in the know of where your kids are or your senior parents. These reliable GPS devices provide the peace of mind of knowing you are always connected to those you love.

Imagine knowing all day and from anywhere in the world where your love ones are with full time tracking. The ASG family GPS tracker device is rugged, waterproof, and easy to use. Simply give the ASG family tracker to the person that you would like to locate. When they have this device you will be able to see their location information. The GPS technology sends a cellular signal and provides the exact location information.

There are many creative ways that GPS People trackers can be used. The GPS device can be placed inside cars, boats, motor homes, backpacks, purses, and so much more.

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